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Who we are: 

Motor City Composites, Ltd was founded by Steve Holding in 1999. After spending 20 years selling materials and dispensing machinery to OEM Automotive Companies and Tier 1, 2 and 3 Suppliers as well as Appliance Manufacturers, where he learned a hands on approach to PU Equipment. Motor City Composites discovered a need for supplying well cared for Polyurethane equipment and ancillary equipment to the end Molder at a fair price.

What we sell: 

Our warehouse contains some of the finest Equipment from Manufacturers from all over the world. Hennecke , Krauss Maffei - RimStar, Cannon A-series, Cannon L-Series, Cannon H-Series and Cannon B-15 Series, Gusmer RimCell, Gusmer DeltaRim, Graco Gusmer, Gusmer Admiral, Edge Sweets, Hi-Tech Engineering- Sure Shot and EcoRim machines and Cincinnati Milicron and Decker D and Decker DH Series machines.

The type of PUR dispensers vary from High Pressure Rotary pump Equipment to Lance Cylinder High Pressure machines. Our Low Pressure Decker D-40, D-60, D-80 and Decker K-80 Dynamic Mix head machines are available at very competitive prices. Cannon B-15 Series Low pressure machines can also be found on occasion.

We also offer excellent pricing on Hydraulic Presses, Mold Clamps and Carrier Assemblies from leading manufactures like Krauss Maffei and Cannon and ConTek.

Key Component items that are central to the processing of quality parts are also supplied new and rebuilt include Rexroth and Rotary Power Pumps and OilGear metering pumps. Current Inventory include Rexroth A2VK12, Rexroth A2VK28 and Rexroth A2VK55.

Mix Head stock of new and rebuilt Mix Heads are second to none in the Industry. Our Current stock includes: Cannon FPL-10, Cannon / KM FPL-10, Cannon FPL-14,

Cannon FPL-14-HP, Cannon FPL-18, Cannon FPL-18-SH, Cannon FPL-18-HP, Cannon FPL-18-HP with Adjustable device, Gusmer    10/14, Gusmer 10/16, Gusmer 16/25, Gusmer RIM 12, Gusmer 16/25/3, EPT Straight Head, Hennecke MQ 12-2, Hennecke MQ-18-2, Krauss Maffei MK 8/12, Krauss Maffei MK 12/18, Linden EMB 14-2/HF/76 Straight Head, Linden EMB MKE 14-2/76 Straight Head, MHR Tri-Tilt 3 stream-25mm pour nozzle and Decker DH40 Dynamic Mix Heads.


Ask us about our total turnkey installations, rigging and re build capabilities.

Pricing and Warrantee:

 We do not think we can be beat, thank you for the hi volume that we sell. If it does not meet your satisfaction we will replace it or make it right. Call us for your next purchase and let us show you.
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