Cannon B-60

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our Cannon B-60, S/N 00-045, two component, low pressure metering machine, Including:

- Uni-frame construction with metering pumps, daytanks and control panel assembled on one frame

- Overall dimensions of 140” x 42” x 108” (L x W x H)

- Mixhead boom for easy control of the mixhead

- Total output of 18-143 lbs./min at a ratio of 1:1

- Mechanical mixer, 6,000 rpm operated by three phase electric motor

 - Automatic flushing and drying of the mixer chamber with timer for solvent and drying air cycles

- Conical jets to eliminate lead-lag mixing

- Two manual back pressure vales

- Mixing air flowmeter

 Manual split stream calibration through the mixhead for ratio and output check

 Emergency manual mixing head wash button

 By means of low speed volumetric pumps operated by DC motors with tachometer generators

Volumetric ratio of components infinitely variable from 1:7 or 7:1

 Pressure gauges w/ switches as safety for over pressuring machine

 Tachometers to provide visual indication of both components output

Tank Group:
 Insulated, 17 gallon airtight component day tanks, not pressure rated, with single point low level alarm switch and manual drain valves

Silicagel filter on Iso tank to keep moisture out of tank

Synthetic sight tube for visual level indication

- 0.25 HP agitator on both Poly and Iso

- Paddle blades

- Packing gland shaft seals

Two Point Autofill
- Min/ max filling proximity sensors

- Solenoid for control of customer provided pneumatic filling device

Temperature Conditioning:
- Shell and Tube heat exchangers complete with electrical heaters on both Poly and Iso streams, 1.5 Kw each

- Proportional band temperature regulators ( +/-1 degree accuracy)

-  Component recycle through the mixing head

Machine Controls:
- 240v, 3 phase, 60Hz

- 110v controls/auxiliary AB SLC 500 PLC for machine control

- Micro keypad control and operator interface

- Digital display of working parameters

- Manual/automatic flushing cycle selector

- Pendant station with E-stop button, nine position shot timer selector switch, and illuminated pour push button

- Variable speed DC drives for metering pump motors

- One complete set

Price as described, FOB Toledo, Ohio warehouse………………………..$call
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