ColdJet Dry Ice Blast Cabinet and ABB Robot – 2006’ 

Description: Internal dims: 48"x 48"x 46", with: 30" turntable; ABB IDB-140-M2004 articulating robot, 6-axis,
type B (mfg 2006); ABB IRC5-M2004 control cabinet, 480V, 50/60Hz (3258hrs); Keba SX TPU2 16/64 control
pendant; Camfil Farr in-line duct filter housing; dust collection canister; ABB & SDI5 manuals; Robotware 5/Robot
Studio software CD, rev RW5.07.01.02. Contents of (3) crates: 108"H x 77"x 64"; 56"H x 60"x 42"; 83"H x 46"x 28".
[process chems: used in a copper process, gear oil, dry ice, oil-free air, glycerine]
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