Gusmer DeltaRim 40 
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Gusmer Admiral Delta Rim 40
Jan. 05, 2010’
General Specifications:
1990’ Delta Rim #40 a high Pressure Metering Machine for dispensing 2 component reactive chemical systems at high pressure. This model machine is designed to have the capability to mold filler systems, non-corrosive material up to 5,000 centipoises. The unit is offered AS IS, Where IS. It is in extremely nice condition, clean and is reported to have low hours on the machine. It was removed from a lab environment. All documentation is on hand. The unit is as clean as they get.

Loaded on your truck.

FOB………..Toledo, OH

The following information was taken from the ORIGINAL QUTATION NUMBER 09205:

Max throughput Approx. 40 lbs. / minute
Minimum ThroughputNot determined by manufacturer
Ratio Range 1:1 to 4:1 or 4:1 to 1:1 variable
Power Requirements460 v / 3 Ph / 60 Hz
Working Pressure 3000 psi
Floor Spaceapprox 30 square Feet
Weightapprox. 1400 lbs.

Delta Rim 40 Base Unit  
-Abrasive Resistant metering pumps (double acting piston pumps
With external access for easy maintenance). Driven by dual Baldor 7.5 HP motors.

-Day Tanks – 
15 Gallon, 250 PSIG on stand, tanks
Painted with chemical resistant paint.

Day Tanks – Set Two -
4 gallon-jacketed tanks with lids rated at 115 PSIG for use in lab.

Agitator –
Pneumatic driven agitator for one of the 4-gallon tanks.

-Electric Control Consol: 460 Volt: 
Includes 2 – 4 digit shot timers that can be programmed to measure shot by time range 00.01 to 99.99Remote Switch with cleaning mode

-TX 50 Controller – 
Flow measure System – Digital readout of throughputs and ratio
For continuous monitoring of dispense parameters.

Pneumatic Boom – 
One touch control for smooth vertical travel of mix head in vertical position by 36”. Or range of 17” to 53” off of floor.
Hydraulic Power Pack – 
Rim Pack 10 HP, 7.5 kw motor – 80-gallon reservoir.
Hydraulic Heating Unit
Low Pressure Re-circulation:  maintains temperature and stable viscosities.

Contact Manometers –
Mounted on HP lines of both components, adjustable parameters.
High-pressure limits will shut down machine if parameters exceeded.

Air Supply System – 
Closed loop oilier and condensate trap.

Lubrication System -  
Provides impulse flow of liquid plasticizer in a closed loop system
to the shaft seal area of the ISO metering pump.

Automatic Low Level Shutoff – 
Prevents chemical depletion and possible cavitation of metering pumps.
Desiccant Air Dryer-
Keeps system dry.

Raw Material Filters –
High Flow Basket Filter mounted between Raw material tanks and the metering pumps. Both equipped with sediment drain.

RIM Temp conditioning Unit – 
Unit controls chemical component temperatures, employing heat exchange circuits and on and off heating for both streams.

Spray modification Kit – 
Machine was originally manufactured to enable them to have this option.

Ross ME401 - In Line Mixer / emulsifier- this unit was not part of the original purchase package from Gusmer, but was added later. I am unsure of what the application or function of the unit is, but I theorize it may have been used to nucleate one of the components. It may have also been the conduit of how they were deploying a filler to the system.

RIM X –“L” Head – 
Additional mix head was purchased separately for $13,500. It appears to be in like new condition. 

Rim “V” Head – 
Straight pour mix head

Pump rebuild kit – 
Additional plunger rod included with various other gaskets and seals to rebuild pump.

Test Plaque Mold-
Unknown configuration.

Quotation and Acceptances: For immediate acceptance, and subject to prior sale or other disposition, and change without notice. All proposals and acceptances are made with the mutual understanding that orders are not subject to cancellation. Specifications are approximate, intended solely as a guide and are not binding. The shipping date is approximate only and is contingent upon delays or nonperformance occasioned by strikes, accidents, fire and other causes.
Guarantee: None given, machinery is offered, AS is Where IS.
Terms.  1/2 down with P.O. (Non-refundable) Cash in advance, certified check, money order or wire transfer with order, balance due within 30 days of initial payment, or buyer forfeits initial ½ down. Any Balance due 3 days prior to shipping if before 30-day period. 
Indemnification: Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Seller of and from any and all claims or liabilities from accidents involving these machines caused by failure of user to comply with Federal, State and Local Laws applicable to such equipment including the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.
Removal: Items must be removed within 30 days from receipt of initial 1/2 down.
It is understood that there are no conditions or agreements outside of this written proposal and that all prior conversations, agreements or representations with reference to the subject matter are superseded. We reserve the right to correct any typographical errors. 
All information is believed to be true and accurate. Buyer is advised to confirm all specifications and machine parts and functionality.
It is also the responsibility of the buyer to determine the capability of the machine and equipment for their application. Buyer agrees not to hold seller responsible for inability of this system to perform buyers’ requirements.

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