Cannon A-40

Enclosed please find our quote for (1) – Cannon High-Pressure Dispensing Machine. This machine was cleaned internally with white oil before taken out of service. It has been completely gone thru with a frame off restoration. All hoses and valves have been replaced. Designed to run a Cannon FPL style mix heads. Original manual provided.

Current machine was modified from original manufacturers design. It is essentially now an A-40 machine for increased output purposes. The single motor that drove both Rexroth pumps was removed and replaced with new 10 hp motors, 1765 RPM motors. Pressure relief valves were added.

The Process Data Based on your Chemical Data may change slightly, as well as the amperage on the electrical requirements. We would like to see the chemical TDS in order to project final output capability as well as to finalize head and hose bundle requirements. Addition of Variable frequency drives may be needed to lower output requirements.

General Machine Description

“A”-System Standard Controls
A self-contained control panel will be mounted on the metering unit frame and will contain the following items:
  Upper Control Panel

Cincinnati operator interface keypad I.R.D. (Instant Ratio Detection)
Chemical temperature controllers

  Lower Control Panel

· SLC 5/02
· Low suction pressure indicator
· High outlet pressure indicator
· Low hydraulic pressure indicator
· Power control switch
· Metering pump start button
· Hydraulic unit power switch
· Cycle selector switch
· Emergency stop button
· Metering pump stop button
· Calibration switch
· Reset button

Work Tank Specifications

  Chemical components are stored in pressurized tanks. Chemical conditioning in the tank is achieved with electrical resistance heaters located at the bottom of each tank, and with the use of external chilled water.

  Four Capacitance level controls are mounted on the tank to control replenishment of materials form customer's drum stock or bulk storage plant and to signal for high and low level alarms.


- Reservoir capacity: 87 gal ea.

- ASME Pressure rating:150 PSI

- Component heating capacity: 3 Kw each

- Component cooling capacity: 5-6 ton air cooled chiller (not included – see options)

- Capacitance levels: Full range with full indicator ( levels per tank)

- Air requirements: 90-120 psi regulator.

- Poly Heat Exchanger Shell and tube exchanger.

- ISO Heat Exchanger Shell and tube exchanger.

- Water flow requirements: 25GPM

Metering Machine Specification

  The CANNON USA A-40 STANDARD comprises a high pressure metering unit utilizing positive displacement axial piston pumps to generate high pressure mixing.

  A-40 STANDARD Specification

  - Output @ 1.0 S.G., 1:1 ratio 438 gram/sec @ 900 Rpm
  876 gram/sec @ 1800 Rpm@ 1:1
  - Ratio adjustment 5:1-1:1-1:5 stepless
  adjustment @ 1.0
  specific gravity
  - Metering Accuracy +/- 0.5%
  - Component Heating 3.0 Kw/component
  - Component Cooling By Customer
  - Motor Size 10 Hp
  - Pump Size, Poly A2VK12 Rexroth
  - Pump Size, Iso A2VK12 Rexroth
  - Temperature Control Shell & Tube heat
  - Filter Self cleaning Cuno
  - Mixhead Hydraulic Unit 7.5 Hp, 2.6 Gpm
  - Power Requirement 460 V, 60 Hz, 3
  phase, 100 Amp
  Air Requirement 90-120 Psi
  Water Flow Requirement By Customer

Instant Ratio Detection System

  Is provided through a Cincinnati Electrosystems Greyline 2000 Series Workstation.

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